Telling the CLF Story



Fast Facts


CLF launched in 2010
44 sponsors in 2019
ECN (now the CLF Community) launched in 2017
2000+ Community members


4 core staff
4 engaged students
Many volunteers

Advisory Board

10 members meet monthly

2019-2020 Publications

4 new journal articles submitted, 3 published
2 conference proceedings, 2
3 professional reports
24 press and web articles
or references

2019-2020 Event Stats

2 hosted events
11 webinars
13 presentations
3 panels hosted
12 sponsor only meetings
12 sponsor only updates

Resource Stats

36 total publications




income-expense charts


Funding Summary

As noted above, sponsorship and gifts provide over 25% of the Carbon Leadership Forum’s operating budget.

Sponsor gift funds provide a highly flexible funding stream to advance the mission of the Carbon Leadership Forum.

In 2019, the Board invested in developing alignment of the mission, clarifying the identity of the organization and initiatives. The result is new branding and messaging, a new taxonomy of resources, and new communications channels, including the new website, newsletters, and social media presence (LinkedIn, Youtube, and Twitter).

For 2020, the Board recommends that we set an ambitious target for sponsor renewals in order to finance new staff positions for a Research Engineer and Managing Director, and staff support for the online CLF Community and a variety of new member-driven initiatives.

Over the past three years, we have begun to function as a collective impact backbone organization for the decarbonization movement. A significant new initiative is our global NGO Roundtable of organizations in the building industry collaborating to rapidly reduce embodied carbon in materials and construction.

The Carbon Leadership Forum is dedicated to developing the resources, tools and platforms you need in order to take meaningful action.

But WE NEED YOUR HELP to execute these exciting plans!
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