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Connecting inspired advocates to achieve greater action.


We are committed to providing multiple ways for our members to network. We unite professionals across the building industry to share research, best practices and new approaches to decarbonize the building industry, with a keen focus on embodied carbon. We invite you to become a Member or a Sponsor, join our Online Community, keep up-to-date through our social media links and newsletter, and participate in our collaborative Webinars, Events, Roundtables and burgeoning Regional Hubs.

A Diverse, Growing Membership

The Carbon Leadership Forum connects its members – from architects, engineers, contractors, material suppliers, building owners, policymakers, and associations – through its robust online Community Platform, active Focus Groups, burgeoning Regional Hubs, and NGO Roundtable. Together they contribute to and access our research pojects and resource library, connect at vibrant, interactive events and webinars and actively engage in member-led Initiatives. This network is dedicated to accelerating the transformation of the building sector to radically decarbonize buildings and building materials through collective action. The Network brings together over 5,400 professionals from 2,650 compa nies and organizations, from 45 US states and territories, 79 countries, and 1020 cities around the world.

Often described as “collaboration at its best”, the Carbon Leadership Community Platform is a key tool in accomplishing our mission to decarbonize the built environment. The Community is characterized by its determination to make a difference; a welcoming, inclusive environment; encouragement and empowerment of its fellow members; along with the integrity and transparency of the information exchanged.

The result: Our Community, rooted in a collective action model and positive, productive collaborations is constantly inspiring innovation and spurring change.

Regional Hubs

Regional Hubs are springing up in the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe and Asia. Anthony Pak of Priopta created the first local group in Vancouver, Canada. Since then, many enthusiastic professionals have created collaborative groups interested in sharing best practices, discussing solutions and spreading the word about embodied carbon. By mid-2019, hubs have been formed and have convened public meetings or webinars in a dozen cities, and another dozen are in active development. Each Regional Hub uses our Community platform for messaging and announcements.

Focus Groups

We have formed several focus groups allowing members to better tackle the challenges of embodied carbon through targeted efforts. The current list includes groups focused on Buildings, Construction, Education/Research, LCA Data & Tools, Materials, Outreach, Policy, Renewables, Reuse, Structural, and ISO Environmental Standards. Focus Groups have online discussions using the Carbon Leadership Forum’s Community Platform, participate in quarterly network calls, and host scheduled webinars featuring leading experts.

Online Community

In spring 2020 we launched a new online communication platform for members to join discussions, engage with others and share news. By June, over 1500 Carbon Leadership Forum members had joined, had logged in a total of over 42,000 times, and had created or commented over 500 times on discussion topics related to embodied carbon. Members use this shared learning laboratory to post topics for conversation, seek advice and feedback, propose initiatives, and share resources.

NGO Roundtable

The Carbon Leadership Forum is built on a model of collective action and impact, relying on an engaged and informed community to spur accelerated outcomes. Organizational members of the Roundtable collaborate on how best to take actions towards a common goal of decarbonizing the building section. Leaders from around the world share plans and resources, using expertise and community to take complementary actions that accelerate market transformation.

Member Impact: What are you and your company doing to help reduce embodied carbon emissions?

Every month in the CLF Monthly Newsletter, four of our members answer this question.