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We accelerate learning by crowdsourcing and disseminating knowledge.


Our Resource Library is a go-to source for information on decarbonizing the built environment, with a keen focus on embodied carbon. By crowdsourcing and disseminating this information, we aim to accelerate learning and increase knowledge, thereby empowering our members with the information needed to advance new ideas and approaches that result in a transformed, decarbonized building industry. The Carbon Leadership Forum resource library includes:

Resource Highlights 2019-2020

Wood Carbon Seminars

We recently organized and launched an online seminar series answer common and critical questions about the carbon impacts of wood. The seminars consist of four presentations and four discussion sessions. Sponsored by industry partners, the seminar sessions are presented by wood experts from research and industry. The recorded webinars are available online.

Embodied Carbon Annual Webinar Series

We host a six-part annual webinar series based on Focus Group topics. Each session includes 4-5 panelists who share research, strategies, initiatives and case studies to measure and reduce embodied carbon during design, construction and operation of buildings.

Monthly Newsletters

In winter 2020, we launched a two-part monthly newsletter series. Monthly News from the Carbon Leadership Forum includes feature articles and interviews about people, initiatives, tools, projects and innovations related to embodied carbon from across the Carbon Leadership Forum network. News You Can Use highlights webinars, conferences and meetings, publications, and significant discussions on the online Carbon Leadership Forum Community platform.