Telling the CLF Story



Telling the CLF Story


New Logo and Web Design

You may have noticed that the CLF has a brand new look! A new logo, revised messaging, new website with new organization, navigation, fonts, and color, new monthly newsletters, new online CLF Community, new Youtube Channel, and so on. All this change was triggered in spring 2019 when the CLF commissioned an extensive survey of CLF community members, sponsors, and partners. Longtime CLF member Anne Banta conducted a feedback study, developed a report and recommendations, and then helped lead the plan’s implementation.

Applying the New Brand

The new logo, colors, and design can be seen on all our communications platforms, from our website to the new community discussion platform, the newly launched CLF Monthly Newsletter, and News You Can Use (a monthly digest of resources, events, and webinars).

Monthly Newsletter

Embodied Carbon News You Can Use

Carbon Leadership Forum Community